Cleaner Candles

At The Solo Candle Co we believe in sustainability, transparency, and simplicity. 

We began our candle journey with the goal in mind to create candles you could burn to enjoy, and not worry about the damage they are causing. And we continue to do just that. 


We are proud to say that our fragrances have officially been deemed by a third party to be Clean Scents™. What does this mean? This means peace of mind for you and your family when you choose The Solo Candle Co. Our candles are and will always be free of phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins. Our candles are never made with materials with health concerns, including those on California's Prop 65 list.

We also choose to use mostly synthetic fragrance oils over essential oils for two reasons. 

  1. Essential oils are not created to be heated up to candle making and burning temperatures — they burn off without creating any benefit, and some can even become carcinogenic when exposed to high heat.
  2. Essential oils are not sustainable, requiring vast amounts of their plant matter to create just a single pound of oil.